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I think it’s no secret to anyone that the resource operates on the darknet, which means that the goods and services offered there are, let’s say, not entirely legal. Yes, this site sells many prohibited goods, and for this reason they are constantly trying to block KRAKEN in every possible way. DDoS attacks are carried out, domain names are blocked, sanctions are imposed on servers and much more. It is for this reason that it happens that you try to access the site, but nothing works and the resource displays a 404 error. But, fortunately for lovers of goods from the darknet, KRAKEN has a scheme in store that always you can go to the site without worrying about whether the site will work or not. We will tell you what kind of scheme this is below.

Instructions on how to correctly log into the KRAKEN website and what links to use

KRAKEN ONION came up with its own scheme for accessing the resource to provide online 24/7. The scheme is as follows: there are standard domain names by which you can access the site, these are and Let's say you try to log in and it gives you an error that the site is unavailable at the moment. The next step is to change the number by one more and it will be 2krn - let's try to log in. If you have visited the site, then everything is fine. But if the site is not is available, then add one again and try to log in. You need to do this until you manage to go to the site; one of the addresses will definitely work. One of the exceptions in this scheme is the entrance through the number 3, we skip it, that is, it should go 1, 2 and then 4. And so on until you get to the site. It is also possible to access the mirror link, which looks like this http://kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad.onion/ and you can access it using the TOP browser. Choose the right links and go to the KRAKEN website.